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What to Expect From Your Cruise Director

Much of the fun of your cruise vacation is in the hands of a very important crew member – the cruise director. The cruise director is responsible for all activities and entertainment on the ship, from musicians and lecturers to deck parties and evening shows.


The cruise director is also one of the most visible crew members, serving as emcee for events, attending receptions and making announcements on the public address system. In fact, the cruise director’s voice is likely to be the first you hear each morning, announcing the port call for the day. In fact, you may wonder why your cruise director sounds so cheerful at 8 a.m. when you saw him or her talking and laughing with passengers on deck just a few hours before.


Cruise directors are dedicated professionals and skilled managers. Some have deputies and assistants, especially on larger ships. The activities and entertainment arranged by cruise directors vary by cruise: some focus on lectures and educational pursuits, while others emphasize parties and games. Whatever type of entertainment is offered, the cruise director ensures that it all runs smoothly.


Many cruise directors begin their cruise careers as entertainers. Your cruise director may be a talented singer, dancer or comic. Some have experience in other segments of the hospitality industry, such as hotel management. What they all seem to have in common is an outgoing, fun-loving personality combined with great organizational skills.


While the cruise director’s job looks like fun and games, there’s more to it than most passengers see. As officers of their ships, cruise directors must have full knowledge of safety and security procedures. They manage and train their staffs. They are also masters of the contingency plan: when a performer’s illness or an equipment malfunction occurs, cruise directors are always ready to implement "Plan B” so that all you and your fellow passengers see is a polished line-up of entertainment.


Cruise Holidays experts can tell you more about all of the fun and entertainment that the cruise director has arranged for your next cruise.


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